Ambr Testimonials

Magnificent, Brilliant, Refreshing

Would highly recommend these guys to anybody looking for a team that takes the time to personalize their work for each client. Ask for a 3 Series and be surprised with a Maserati.

Chad Chubey, owner of Plytech Stairs in Vancouver
Malvern Wong
Spring Advertising

Working with the guys from Ambr has been an amazing learning experience. Brett, Anthony and Alex all bring a different skill to the table that makes their web design stand out. We are really looking forward to continue to work with this team!

Stefan van Mourik - OhBoy Productions
Stefan van Mourik
Oh Boy Productions Inc.
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Brett and Anthony set up our website for our furniture / home decor store and have done a wonderful job. I highly recommend them.

Ramon Masana Tapia - Suquet Interiors
Ramon Masana Tapia
Suquet Interiors
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My experience with Brett and Anthony at Ambr Digital has been nothing short of fantastic. They truly designed a website, which not only matches my personal aesthetics but puts me far ahead of the competition. Their knowledge of web design and SEO & their ability to explain them a total novice is not only helpful but truly an education in the way business is run in the 21st century. I feel that I have now made a major step forward in career thanks to my new website.

Nate - A Vancouver video editor
Nathaniel Roy
Video Editor
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You know what I found great about having in-house training sessions with Alex? – it was like sitting down to have a weekly coffee session with a friend. Informative, relaxed, interesting and definitely easy for a non-tech person like myself. I found myself excited to work on optimizing my company’s online presence – not an aspect that I was expecting! Alex has a myriad of experience under his belt, and answered all my questions with easy, layman-term language – a real plus if you feel intimidated by the fast-paced SEO and internet-based marketing world!

Anna Schmidt - we worked with her to create an SEO strategy for Eitan's website
Anna Schmidt
Eitan Pinsky Mortgages