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The website that Ambr Digital built for me was leaps and bounds above my previous site. It looks professional, organized and easy to work with. The amount of hits I receive on my new site has increased dramatically from my previous site. Their knowledge and experience of getting ahead of the competition with key words and website searches made me feel confident in the end product I would receive. I receive endless amounts of compliments on my site from new prospect clients and they choose me directly because of how professional the site looks. My business has grown and I know it is a direct result of the new website I now have, thanks to Ambr Digital. Thanks guys for helping my business take off faster than ever expected.

Chad Chubby - PlyTech Stairs
Chad Chubey
Plytech Stairs
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I contracted AMBR Digital to help me with my online marketing and SEO. They do an amazing job for me and my business. My articles, posts and site are getting hundreds of views now and I’ve already received active leads from my website.

My main goal was to increase my online visibility and get some traction with the online community; whether it be from search engines or social media. They focussed on helping me and my marketing manager understand how to navigate online marketing by giving us the background on what works and creating goals and metrics for my marketing manager to reach.

They sat down and listened to what I needed and developed a plan to make it work. I would recommend them to anyone interested in online marketing.

Eitan Pinsky - Pinsky Mortgages
Eitan Pinsky
Pinsky Mortgages
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I really appreciated Ambr’s attention to detail and planning so expectations were properly managed. Very professional.

Tamara Levi - Shine Dance Festival
Tamara Thompson Levi
Shine Dance Festival
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Ambr Digital was great to work with for our web design. Competent, patient, & knowledgeable. We recommend Ambr highly.

David Norman - David Norman Architect
David Norman
David Norman Architect
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For anyone considering the services of Ambr, stop looking, you’re in good hands. Anthony and Brett just revamped our website and I still can’t believe how smooth the whole process was. Before work started they really took the time to understand what we wanted.

A tremendous amount of work was done re-writing our website code and updating most of the graphics. Everything they said they were going to do was done, on schedule and without a lot of back and forth hassle. We’re extremely happy with our website. They’re not only awesome at web programming and graphic design, they get business.

Vancouver Spaces
Jacky Levi & Jacob Krause
Vancouver Spaces
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