Top 9 LinkedIn Tips From A Pro

LinkedIn Tips

In our last post we discussed Google+ tips, but today we’re changing things up a bit and below is a recent interview by Alex Salvador with Doug Anderson (DA). DA is a seasoned business veteran and business coach. He is also a LinkedIn Expert. Today he will provide us with his top pro tips so you can effectively use LinkedIn as a tool to enhance your online digital presence.


AS – Thank you DA for your time and shedding some light into the benefits of LinkedIn for business professionals. I have a few questions, but first please tell me a bit about yourself. Who is DA?

DA – Thanks Alex. My good friends call me by my initials, DA. I am the owner of DA Top Talent. And we provide professional Business Mentoring Services for entrepreneurs and business owners. Our company is dedicated in helping people achieve success.

AS – Please tell us, why should professionals use LinkedIn?

DA – Most professionals have probably heard about LinkedIn as its been around for 10 years. Its basic service is free to use and there is a ‘premium’ account option. LinkedIn is a business oriented website many people use for tracking business associates, researching people, investigating companies, and finding former colleagues. You can see the extended network of many of the people you know. You can request an introduction by people in your network to reach those you might not know, but want to. LinkedIn also gives you the ability to join various groups and learn about your industry associations. It’s a great way to build links in your specific areas of interest. There is also a job section where you can advertise for staff or enter the job market and see who’s hiring in your market. If you are about to meet someone new and important, don’t you want to know a bit about them first? To learn about their background and interests so you can be more engaging? You might even learn enough about them to cancel your meeting! Those are just some of the reasons. There are many more.

AS – Well, with that mind and assuming a person is already on LinkedIn, what are your top and most important tips?

DA – Let’s see… I’d say,

  • Review your LinkedIn Profile: is it 100% complete?
  • Be clear in your wording, no jargon or slang.
  • Have a strategy for your LinkedIn.
    What will you do for others?
    Why & how will you do it?
    What do you want or need? Be clear.
    Personal profiles make up the backbone of LinkedIn, with over 300 million users world-wide.
  • One of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile is your photo. Your photo helps people connect and identify you at a glance. Your photo helps you present a personable and professional image. So, please upload a great photo.
  • Name Field: If you have anything but your name in your “Name” Field, you can get ‘restricted’.
  • IDK’s: otherwise known as “I Don’t Know”. If 3 people claim they don’t know you from invitations you send out, you will earn a restricted account.
  • Page Views: don’t get over zealous on how many profiles you want to view, LinkedIn will suspend your account because they think you are “Phishing”.
  • Non-Professional Profile Picture: That’s right folks… in the terms of use, make sure you aren’t showing something inappropriate, or even a business logo.
  • LinkedIn Profile.
    Use your ‘key words’ in your profile so people can find you.
    Add the suburbs your clients live in.
    Make it very friendly and key word rich.

AS – That’s quite a list of helpful tips! Thank you again DA for your time.

DA – My pleasure.

If you’d like to learn more about DA, he can be found at or on LinkedIn.

Doug (DA) Anderson



LinkedIn photo courtesy: Sheila Scarborough
Headshot of DA from: Art of Headshots