Should you be on Yelp or other directories?

Yelp office

If your business name and phone number are published (like most companies), then you’ve probably received calls from firms like Yelp or Yellow Pages. Like most companies, you’ve probably ignored the calls. But wait. Before you dismiss directories like these two, we recommend doing some...

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How to write a blog post with local search in mind

Local Search

We’ve discussed, in the past, why local search is important. This post is about how to write with local search in mind. We'll use a fictional company example to help illustrate the key points. Step 1 – What will you write about? It must be something...

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5 Sites Where You Should Share Your Posts

Share Your Blog Post

So you're convinced that content marketing is here to stay. You've decided to blog and create valuable content for your website. You do your research and start writing what you believe is killer content. After a couple of months of writing several blog posts a...

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7 Google+ Tips to Grow Your Business

Google+ is Google’s social network application and platform that competes directly against the likes of Facebook. As of 2013, there are over half a billion people on Google+ (source: Marketing Land). However as you probably know, it doesn't even come close to Facebook's level of usage...

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Improve Your Search Rankings

Building up SEO takes a lot of blood and sweat, just like climbing the Eiffel Tower

Getting to the top of Google's search page is like climbing the Eiffel Tower. It takes time and lots of effort. If you want to improve your search rankings in Google and other search engines, here are our top 4 relatively simple steps to take: 1....

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Website Being Redesigned? What You Need To Know

Website redesigns can be hazardous to your business

Picture this: you've got a successful business and your website has been up and running for quite some time. You've worked hard to get online reviews and the website ranks relatively well for those keywords you target. The business waters are smooth like the photo...

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